Custom vimrc for project specific settings

Today I wanted to load some custom settings in my vim session when working on a particular project. I wanted that to avoid polluting my user’s vimrc with project specific things. After some googling around I found (not surprisingly!) a StackOverflow thread. The usage of a plugin to scan directories just sounded too much, not even mentioning the load time increase that would add. I just wanted something simple like an environment variable.

As I couldn’t use what the thread mentions (MYVIMRC and VIMINIT), I just went ahead and added the following to my vimrc:

" This allows project specific vim settings
if filereadable($CUSTOM_VIMRC)
  source $CUSTOM_VIMRC

With that I just export CUSTOM_VIMRC when loading my project environment settings (you can use fancy things like virtualenv or a shell alias that does a bunch of nested calls). For example:

export CUSTOM_VIMRC=/Volumes/Project/.vimrc